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The central task of Mobile SEO is the improvement of the mobile ranking. Actually with the mobile search two important aspects have to be considered. Since the user is searching the Internet on a mobile device, the rendering of content should be optimized for these special characteristics. This is an important requirement for Mobile SEO. On the other hand many mobile searches are location specific, because the user is looking for information from the place, exactly where he is at the current moment.

Mobile SEO is still a very young discipline, but with the rapid growth and use of mobile services it will become more and more important and will continue to develop to a main topic in online marketing. Mobile SEO differs in principle not much from the regular SEO, because it is always the objective to achieve a better ranking in the organic search results. A key task should be to provide a website with an auto detection for mobile user agents. This allows to offer the mobile users as well as the mobile spiders an optimized content for their needs. The main aspects are a very good content rendering and a quick loading process on any mobile device.



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